We have worked with Johanna multiple times. We had trouble getting our house to sell so Johanna came in and helped us decorate and get the house ready. With in a week of doing this our house sold. We then had her help us build and design our new home from the ground up. Design and decorating is not my cup of tea, it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Johanna helped me through the whole process making it an enjoyable and exciting experience. I love how she takes your style and turns it into something beautiful. She spent many hours with me helping me choose everything for our home (doors, cabinets, floors, lighting, paint colors, layout, design, furniture), I could not have done it without her. We loved her so much we used her with my husband’s business as well. She made it a beautiful, warm and welcoming place for patients and employees. We can not thank Johanna enough and will be using her for many more projects!

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