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Johanna Miller 

Founder + Principal Designer


“Many wise people gave me the advice, ‘Pick a job you love and are passionate about and you will be happy.’ I have definitely found this to be true!”


Johanna has over 25 years of experience in real estate and interior design. She loves all aspects of design, real estate and home. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business from UNCW as well as a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Meredith College. She enjoys  “the thrill of the hunt” for the perfect home but also loves the design process of transforming a house into a home. Johanna is sincere in her mission “Where house and home become one” and its presence is conveyed in all of her work.

On her days off; Johanna enjoys time with her husband Rob, their two girls Hanna and Julia, and their two dogs Mollie and Minnie. They love to travel as a family, love all things coastal and the mountains so North Carolina is the perfect state to call home.

Where house and home become one.